A Good Reason To Have The Concierge Service!

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A Good Reason To Have The Concierge Service!

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My wife was recently traveling to a meeting while driving on interstate 94. Unbeknown to her as she approached Minneapolis, major construction had begun that morning. As she approached, a construction exit sign ushered all traffic off the highway and dumped them into the city.

Everyone was now being dumped into the city. Being unfamiliar with the city streets, and absolutely no detour signage to rely on, she was in a jam. Her meeting was scheduled at 8:30AM and time was slipping away. Fortunately, we have free concierge service from the travel and vacation booking website. She picked up her phone and called them right away for help.

If you are unfamiliar with this perk, let me tell you briefly about it. As you will see, it’s awesome. Every time anyone books airfare through this site, you automatically receive 30 minutes of free concierge service, and as a frequent traveler… she has acquired lots of time. This concierge service is there to assist you 24/7 with most anything you may need.

So, as I was saying… she got on the phone with the concierge and told him the situation. He started by asking her some simple questions like what city, street names are you around, and where are you trying to go.

It did not take long for the concierge to get a handle on the situation. He immediately researched online all road construction on the Minnesota highway departments web site. Funny, there was no information about this construction. He knew what had to do and he did it well. He proceeded to give my wife step-by-step directions across the city and back onto the highway.

But it gets better. He actually stayed on the phone with her for more than 30 minutes while she was zig zagging through the city. Do you think she felt safe and in good hands? Absolutely!

This event completely sealed the belief we now have in this company and it’s services. It has the best deals on travel and vacations, the best customer service and a bunch of free and very useful tools. We will use it exclusively to book all of our travel. A big thanks to the company!

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