ADA Signs with Braille – Do you know what they mean

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ADA Signs with Braille – Do you know what they mean

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Signs hold a special importance in every field. It is through the help of these signs that different messages can be displayed. Identification signs are used in many different applications from guiding the passersby to prevent access to certain areas or provide warning for possible hazards and dangers. ADA signs with Braille are such special signs which have been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of visually impaired people. In order to provide freedom to such people to travel alone safely, these signs play a pivotal role. These signs can be located on restrooms with a wheelchair symbol indicating the disability approved bathroom.


These signs are easier to understand and make the lives of disabled people a bit more convenient. The image signs can be deciphered universally by any person even unable to understand English. These sign regulations insure that information is provided for the sight impaired in a proper manner. Letters and graphics are raised slightly from the surface of the sign so that the visually impaired can decode their meaning by touching them. The letters and graphics are also painted with contrast colors matching background as well as foreground. These signs are not just useful for sight impaired people but even for everyone as well.


The symbol of stairs going up from left to right indicates the location of stairways in large buildings. This sign is common in buildings where the elevator may be inoperative. The emergency sign of stairway used in case of fire, is represented as the symbol of a figure walking downstairs with the image of fire on the right side. This symbol creates a clear message that this sign marks the location of stairways to be used in case of fire in the building. The no smoking sign is a common one which can be found  at almost every places being displayed in the form of a cigarette inside a circle with a diagonal line through it.


These signs provide a sense of security and well being to impaired as well as common people. And thus, these signs should be convenient to read and understand so that the message being displayed fulfills its purpose.

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