Alternative Accommodation Options in Kiev

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Alternative Accommodation Options in Kiev

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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and will host the Euro 2012 Competition final. Throughout the competition, many supporters will descend on the city from most areas of Europe to be part of the action.

Kiev is a wonderful city and a great tourist location but it does suffer from a lack of hotel rooms. There are some good 5* hotels such as the Hyatt Regency, Radisson and Premier Palace in addition to many 3* and 4* properties, some dating back to Soviet times.

The problem is they are probably not going to have enough rooms for all the officals, media and supporters who will land in Kiev in the summer of 2012. This will naturally be a difficult situation but there is an excellent answer to the problem.

Almost everywhere in the city are a lot of apartments which are available to rent. There are various letting agents offering apartments of various sizes and areas all over the urban centre. There are ample advantages for choosing an apartment rather than a Kiev hotel.

Firstly, the service will be a great deal more personal with a letting agent than with a hotel. They are able to help you with all sorts of things such as professional taxi services in Silverstone and excursions. Even the smallest apartments will be a lot more spacious than a hotel room. Most have internet connection which is very useful for the people travelling with a laptop.

The flats also have extremely good locations near the Kiev urban centre. The city’s metro also helps you to get around with ease. There are plenty of small shops and supermarkets which means that food shopping is much cheaper than eating out every day as you can easily prepare food in your flats kitchen.

Apartment costs will also work out a good deal better value than hotels so overall, flats should really be thought to be when planning your stay in Kiev in 2012.

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