Be careful who you ignore!

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Be careful who you ignore!

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Cancun, Mexico is a beautiful place for a sunny Caribbean vacation, but for the uninitiated, getting there can be something of an adventure.

First of all, Cancun’s airport is something between a 7/11 convenience store, a Macy’s department store, and a shopping mall. High-end cosmetics and sunglasses are stuffed in next to cigarettes and candy, just inches from security checkpoints. But that’s not the half of it.

On my honeymoon, friends of my wife’s had warned me to beware of the army of corporate cars drivers, luggage carriers, and van operators who would approach us as we exited the airport, asking where we were going, offering to take us there, offering to carry our luggage. They were emphatic. “Just say no to anyone who talks to you,” they advised. “They don’t work for the hotel or the airport.”

Having exited Cancun’s customs depot and going on our way out of the airport, my wife and I were cautious. We were looking for the one particular person who we were told would be holding a sign with our names on it.

Of course, leaving the airport doors, we were immediately swamped by dozens upon dozens of the “friendly helpers” we’d been warned about. And me, spouting “No, gracias,” with a vengeance, went right through them. No sign, no names. I kept going, even as other people walked beside me and asked what I was looking for. “No, gracias. No, gracias.”

Having made it through the gauntlet, I thought I should see our sign pretty soon. But the crowd of helpers became thinner, and the parking lot began to run out. It seemed like I would be heading straight into the jungle! Finally my wife persuaded me to actually acknowledge one of the helpers, who, it turned out, actually worked for the airport, and was none too happy that I’d been ignoring him all the way. When he finally directed us to our silver service cabs, the company name was different from what we’d been told, and at first I didn’t believe the staffer there that yes, this was our real ride to the hotel. Finally he read our names off of a list, and a representative from the resort company told us that both companies were the same.

The lesson? Don’t be too paranoid, despite what people will warn you about. You’ll get tunnel vision, just like me!

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