Fancy A Year Long Ski Holiday?

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Fancy A Year Long Ski Holiday?

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If you’re the sort of person that adores skiing, you’ll know that the only drawback is that the ski season is just not long enough. If you really love everything about it a skiing holiday…apres ski, the atmosphere of ski resorts, sitting in a hot tub as the snow piles up around you, meeting new friends…it’s depressing that it ends far too quickly just as you were getting into the swing of things. Have you thought of a year round, round the world ski holiday?

Well, it is certainly possible to do since due to the earth’s tilted axis and its revolution around the sun. The seasons in the northern and southern hemisphere are directly opposite so, of course, when it is winter in London, England, it is summer in Sydney, Australia. Technically that means you could visit a different ski resort every couple of months of the year and change location accordingly.

Of course, you would have to do a bit of spring skiing in which you risk the chance of the season ending too soon, but if you targeted areas like Whistler in British Colombia, Canada in the spring chances are there will still be some snow around.

The first thing you need to do is determine the countries you would like to ski in. If you’re an experienced skiier than you’ll have your favourite resorts. Then, perform some research to discover what time of the year these locations have their best ski seasons and coordinate your schedule. This is to ensure that your preferred destinations have different peak seasons that you can spread out over a number of months. This kind of research shouldn’t take long if you have access to the internet, either at work or at home.

Of course, there’s the small question of finding the finances to fund your year long trip but if you love skiing that much, you’ll find a way of getting them.

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