Highland Hijinks

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Highland Hijinks

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Since I have distant family members living in Scotland, I had always wanted to go and meet my cousins living across the pond. One summer when I was 23, I finally managed to save up the money for a two-week trip to Inverness, which is largely where my relatives were located. Now, let me preface this story by saying that I am a city girl through and through. There’s no subway system that I can’t navigate, no apartment too small and I’ve never eaten a burger under six dollars (yup, even fast food restaurants are more expensive in the city).

When I finally got to Scotland, I was a little disconcerted to discover that my relatives lived on a sheep farm – I could already tell that my strappy sandals were going to be of no use here. And Inverness – which is right in the heart of the Highlands – is quite a hilly and muddy place. My grand Scottish adventure was quickly turning into a disappointment.

However, the sheep on my cousin’s farm had different plans for me – and they were ready to give me all of the adventure that I could handle.

One drizzly day, I decided to go on a hike around my cousin’s farm and see the sights. Now, in the UK, it’s not uncommon for farmers to let their livestock wander around as they please. In fact, coming across a crowd of sheep on a major road is a pretty common occurrence. So when I was walking down the road that led past my cousin’s farm, I was more than surprised to be greeted by a huge flock of sheep.

And one ram was just as surprised to see me as well.

What followed will go down in history as the most intense cardio workout I’ve ever had in my entire life. The ram proceeded to chase me along the road and into a field, where I was forced to crawl up on a large rock in order to avoid being butted by his horns. I figured that the ram would eventually get bored and go away, but no – he stalked me for the next two hours while I screamed for someone to help me. Eventually, I was discovered by my cousin, who then proceeded to tell everyone in Scotland about his American relative who couldn’t even escape “a dumb sheep”.

I’ll never live it down.

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