Karon Beach Resort

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Karon Beach Resort

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The Karon Beach Resort and spa has a very appropriate name. It is actually located on the beach. And, what a beach it is. The resort offers all the amenities you could need, and is a great choice for couples to small families. It is also close to all the shopping you could hope for as well. Let’s look at what this place has to offer.

Karon Beach is a popular destination on the coast of Thailand. If you are interested in spending time at a beautiful tropical beach, why not stay at a place that is actually on the beach. This only makes sense. The Karon Beach Resort and Spa is quite literally on the beach. Actually, it is designed so that every room has a view of the beachfront. The only thing between your room and the beach is the pool and outdoor activity area. This is a popular beach as well, with plenty of activities for you to enjoy. The beach area offers many great activities. You can enjoy parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, and more. Of course, there is the usual swimming if that is more to your tastes.

The resort itself on Karon Beach has 81 rooms and suites. This is not too large and allows for a more intimate experience. As I mentioned earlier, each of the rooms offers a view of the beach and the Andaman Sea. As a resort and spa, there are of course all of the expected services and amenities. The spa has all of the expected massage and therapies that you could need. The many services include babysitting, laundry and pressing service, medical assistance, car rental, internet counter, and even a foreign money exchange. How is that for convenience?

The only thing between your room and the beach at the Karon Beach Resort is the pool area. It has two pools. These are one regular pool and one more suitable for the kids. There is also a wet bar that you can relax in to keep out of the sun and enjoy a beverage. There is also the restaurant area here. It is of course all decorated in a very suiting Thailand and tropical finish with great landscaping, statues, and other items.

If you are looking to spend some time at a resort to enjoy a great tropical beach, then you should definitely consider the Karon Beach Resort, as you really can not get much closer to the beach than there.

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