Kuramathi Island Resort

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Kuramathi Island Resort

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Kuramathi Island Resort in the Maldives offers a very distinct get away. This tiny island comes with a grand vacation experience that is sure to please anyone. All of the emeneties are top quality and ready to offer up an adventure that all can enjoy. Kuramathi Island Resort is placed in Rashdoo Atoll on one of only five very small islands. This archipelago features all of the splendor and beauty that you would imagine comes with being in the middle of a tropical paradise. The powdery white sand beaches provide an ideal spot to relax and take in all of the amazing natural attractiveness that surrounds you. Turquoise waters offer a soothing way to take away some of the tropical heat as you can frolic in the warm gentle waves. There are plenty of ways that you can get more enjoyment from the crystal clear ocean waters. There are official dive teams at Kuramathi Island Resort that can offer you training and guidance on an adventure into the local waters. You can explore the reefs and experience first hand the wide array of colorful and exciting ocean life. There are numerous dive points that are only a short boat ride away allowing for many unique and exciting excursions. If you are feeling even more adventurous, there is an amazing shark watching area nearby to Kuramathi Island. You can get a close and exciting view of hammerhead sharks.

These are amongst the most amazing creatures that you can witness in their native habitat. There are also numerous other excursions that you can enjoy around Kuramathi Island Resort. Since this is a tropical paradise, there are countless opportunities for romance. You can spend a wonderful evening on a coral romance while taking in the amazing sunset. A private dinner for two surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery on earth, yes please! There are also big game fishing excursions all around the resort on Kuramathi Island. If you are interested in landing a fish that will dwarf your others, you have an entire ocean mere steps away. Some of the best fishing available is only a short boat ride away from Kuramathi Island Resort. The spa at the Kuramathi Island Resort is managed by the very professional Beauty + Style. Their focus in delivering the best spa treatment with the latest medical treatments can help rejuvenate you and cleanse away all your worries. No matter what your looking for in a fabulous retreat, Kuramathi Island Resort can offer a tremendous experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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