Lost in Heathrow

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Lost in Heathrow

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It’s a wonder I ever made it back to the United States. After a last weekend in London staying in a hotel in Earl’s Court, I packed to get ready to leave Harlaxton College to go home. I was exhausted after my impromptu weekend and double-checked my packing and papers. My passport was missing! I found the number to the hotel where we had stayed and the manager said that I had left my passport there. He had it for me at the manager’s desk. I had very little money to make it home to start with and now had to make the trip back to the hotel. I began my journey home by picking up my passport. Here I was in another country with someone I totally didn’t know holding my one source of identification. Luckily, the manager was honest and kind.

I picked up the passport, making my way to the train to get to Heathrow. Only I didn’t have enough money left for the fare. I begged classmates that I saw in the airport for the fare. I managed to get three of them to give me a portion. I was majorly stressed out.

Finally, I made it to Heathrow and noticed that my plane would be leaving sooner than later. I ran to my reservations area to check in, when they asked to see my passport. Little did I know, in my zeal to keep me from losing it again, I had locked it AND my suitcase keys into the suitcase! They directed me to security who fumbled around and couldn’t open it. So they tried to find a skeleton key that would do the job. In the meantime, my plane was getting closer to taking off and here I was, my passport stuck in my suitcase, I had no money, nobody to help me. Then came the set of twins from school. Thank God, I saw them. One of them managed to open my suitcase just in time as I yelled at security that I now had my passport. Back to check-in, only to find out that my suitcase was grossly overweight and that I would have to pay a large surcharge. The woman somehow took mercy on me and let me through without paying the charge. I ran like a madwoman to my plane and made it with literally a minute to spare.

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