Need plush animals in unusual sizes? Get the Custom!

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Need plush animals in unusual sizes? Get the Custom!

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The sight of a giant floating rubber duck going down the waterway is something that many onlookers did not expect. While rubber ducks have been around for many years, they have been used mostly for things such as bath toys. Some larger cities hold special events where duck races come into play, but all of those little duckies are little. None are near as big as the huge duck that went sailing down the river. This duck traveled and traveled. It was designed by an artist. This duck is plainly more than a work of art.

Supersize that mascot! Yes, anyone who uses a duck for a mascot would love to get their hands on this huge quacker. The duck is 39 feet tall and contains over 5,000 square feet of PVP coated vinyl fabric material. That’s the largest duck that most people have ever seen. This duck is guided through the waterways by two separate boats. It sits atop of a pontoon and will be pulled along by a third boat.

This huge duck will take its stroll through the waterways while onlookers gasp at the large yellow figure. Many people will fall in love with it not only because it’s a duck, but because it’s uniquely large. After this duck completes its trip, it will not be traveling into other areas of the country yet. It will hang out along the same area while others view it and continue to be amazed at its size. You won’t find a duck that size when shopping for custom plush animals!

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