Obtaining A Work Visa To New Zealand As A Farm Worker

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Obtaining A Work Visa To New Zealand As A Farm Worker

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One of the surest ways of being able to move to New Zealand to live is by obtaining a work visa to New Zealand. To qualify for this opportunity, you would normally need to have skills that are in high demand, but let me tell you about another area where it is possible to obtain a work visa without necessarily having any work skills specific to that industry. This is as a farm worker where there is currently a shortage of good reliable staff.

There is a shortage of 20,000 farm workers for New Zealand farms. This has been brought about largely by the current `boom’ in dairy farming. Many dry-stock farms have been converted to dairying over the last 20 years and with the increased use of irrigation in some of the drier areas like Canterbury and Hawkes Bay, the national dairy herd is currently increasing rapidly.

Of course not everyone today wants to live in a rural setting, but if you are someone who does, then there are opportunities for you and your family. One of the benefits is that on a farm you have free accommodation , free milk and sometimes free meat that comes with the job. In addition, you can grow your own vegetable garden and thereby live pretty cheaply. Another advantage is that your partner can also work on the farm and thereby increase your earning-power. And on top of this, the country is a great place to bring up family.

Because New Zealand farm jobs are often not considered `sexy’ by New Zealanders (and too much like hard work!), many farm workers are being recruited from other countries.

The other interesting phenomenon is the international expansion of Fonterra, the company that buys and processes 95 % of New Zealand’s milk. This company is currently setting up a number of large (2,000 cow) dairy farms just out of Beijing in order to supply China’s fast-growing demand for fresh milk. This is likely to create great work opportunities for people with farming or farm-related skills who are willing to be re-located to China to work on one of these farms as a farm manager. For example, can you imagine the demand for a Mandarin-speaking farm manager who has good knowledge and experience of New Zealand farming practices and systems.

Or a Spanish-speaking person for that matter, as there are also a large New Zealand farming companies buying up large tracts of land in South America suitable for dairy farming. There will also be a high demand for farm managers for these farms.

One of the benefits of applying for a work visa as a farm worker is that you don’t necessarily need to have farming skills or experience. If you are relatively young and fit, willing to start at the bottom and willing to learn new skills, you will have a good chance of obtaining a work visa to New Zealand.

Farming is just one of the high-demand areas of employment that will increase your chances of obtaining a work visa that will lead to you being able to obtain New Zealand residency and enable you to live (or at least be based) in New Zealand.

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