Obtaining A Work Visa To New Zealand As An Engineer

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Obtaining A Work Visa To New Zealand As An Engineer

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To qualify for a work visa in New Zealand, you need to have skills that are needed by New Zealand companies. In other words, in employment sectors that are short of qualified personnel.

One of the areas that stand out in this regard is the construction sector. This has been brought about due largely due to the Christchurch earthquakes that happened in 2010/11. Now that the after-shocks have subsided, Christchurch is just starting a massive re-build which is estimated to cost in the region of $40 Billion.

That’s a lot of building that will require a large number of architects, structural engineers, project managers, carpenters, gib-fixers, joiners, plasters, painters and all the associated servicing trades. I have heard figures quoted that at the moment there is a shortage of 18,000 workers needed to help with the re-build.

As you can see, this represents a great opportunity for people obtaining a work visa under the skilled migrant category. The professions in particularly-high demand are engineers. The Christchurch re-build requires many geo-tech, civil and structural engineers to put the city back in shape after the major earthquakes on 2010/11. It is estimated that there is $40 Billion worth of work which is expected to take 30 years to complete.

Christchurch is situated in the South Island of New Zealand and is known as `the Garden City’. Unfortunately, many of the lovely parks and gardens have been destroyed during the earthquakes and so this also opens up opportunities for qualified landscape architects.

In addition to this Christchurch will need a whole range of professional employees such as lawyers, accountants, and office administrators etc to support this re-build. Christchurch is the major stopping-off point for New Zealand’s fast-growing tourism industry, and it is likely that there will also be lots of jobs in this sector as well. If you enjoy skiing, then the Mt Hutt ski-field is just 1 hour’s drive away. In addition there are some great one-day trips to Hanmer Springs, the Kaikoura Whale Watch as well as the world renown return trip by steam locomotive to the West Coast via Arthur’s Pass.

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