Pet Traveling on the Road

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Pet Traveling on the Road

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Chances are you, and your family are pet lovers. Taking your pet to travel with you is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do. It is estimated that 78% of people travel with their dogs, 15% take their cat, 2% take their birds, and 5% take other pets such as fish, turtles, rabbits, and ferrets.

Pet travel is very popular these days, and has actually become a large factor on many travel industries. For example, you may have noticed that it’s not so uncommon anymore for hotels to happily accept your 4 legged companions. These accommodations have evolved greatly in recent years, want to know why? It is estimated that 63% of American household have one or more pets, that equates to 69 million homes and guess what for year’s pet lovers have engaged a demand for said services.

No most of us did not legally demand it, just the many, many inquires that these travel industries have gotten on a daily basis year after year. This does not mean these companies are sacrificing to this demand; they have just done their homework, and they know the fact that Americans are projected to spend over $40 billion on their four legged friends, and this number is increasing each, and every year.

Taking dogs on your road trip

Dogs in comparison to all other pets will really enjoy going along for the ride instead of being separated from you while you’re away. There are exceptions, such as some dogs wont handle travel to well due to health issues, temperament, or just their reactions to the stresses that accompany change in their routine.

You will need to always keep safety in mind, as dogs can quickly suffer from heat exhaustion, and even die, so make sure you have temperature control in your vehicle and supply water dish. You can pick up a special travel dish for these occasions.

Everyone should be familiar that dogs love to stick their heads out the window while driving. There is no need to deny dogs this pleasure, just be wary of having windows all the way down, as dogs can easily get excited about something, and jump out even if in motion. Bring along entertainment for your dog. They love to chew on things, and can be entertained for hours with toys that are stuffed with peanut butter, cheese or treats.

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