Stretch Limo Hire

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Stretch Limo Hire

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The stretch limo is an extended limousine. It is typically used for events that require you to transport a large number of people that can’t possibly fit it in an ordinary automobile. This limo variety is often used by a group of partygoers that are on their way to dances, night-outs, social events, weddings, and other occasions that require their full and immediate group attendance.

The usual seating for a stretch limousine hire is transverse. The passengers will seat along the length of the vehicle and they can comfortably start the party inside the vehicle since they are faced to one another. The stretch limousine is usually more than equipped to cater to the preliminary celebrations on the way to the real show. These vehicles usually have a decanter with drinking glasses, soda, privacy dividers, TV and DVD systems, a stereo sound system and perfectly adjustable mood lighting. Stretch limo hires and Melbourne silver service taxi are perfect for eight passenger rides or more.

Usually, stretch chauffeur cars Melbourne airport come in white or black creations but there are those that come in extravagant colors such as magenta, pink, blue, and orange. These common varieties take the looks of a luxury sedan with extended passenger compartments. Most of these vehicles are patterned after the top automobiles offered by Cadillac, Lincoln, or Mercedes Benz. However, an emerging trend in the creation of stretch limousines is the incorporation of the styles and features of sports cars. Included in the list of the brands that will probably add exquisite and exotic auras to stretch limos are Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

If you want to get a more out of the ordinary experience with stretch limos, then you should consider getting a ride in customized limousines. Customized stretch limos have varying lengths and different interior features- from their lighting to seating arrangements and styles. You can also try the wide selection of the exotic stretch limos that offered by most limo wine tours Melbourne service. These ultimate stretch limos are made from notable automobile brands and models such as Jaguar, Lexus, Corvette, Rolls-Royce, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, and Infinity.

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