The Benefits Of Touring New Zealand By Campervan

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The Benefits Of Touring New Zealand By Campervan

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If you are looking to `get-away-from-it-all’ for a great holiday, New Zealand is the place to go. Situated in the south west corner of the Pacific, New Zealand is a great holiday destination and one of the easiest ways of touring New Zealand, is by campervan.

Campervans are a great way to tour New Zealand for the following reasons:-

1. Your travel and accommodation is all `rolled into one’.
Once you have emptied your suitcases and packed away your belongings into your campervan, you are good to go. No more unpacking/packing, as you need to do when staying at a hotel.

2. You can do your own cooking
Going out for meals when on holiday is a sure way to blow out your budget, and so being able to use thecampervan (or campervan park) kitchen when touring New Zealand is a great way to contain your travel costs.

3. Flexibility and freedom of travel
When you tour New Zealand by campervan, you don’t need to have a fixed itinerary – you can decide to vary the route and to stay longer at a particular place if you so choose.

4. New Zealand road conditions make it easy to tour by campervanOn the main tourist routes, New Zealand roads are 98 % sealed, and will you can travel at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Some campervan hire Iceland companies prohibit you travelling on some secondary roads or beaches, but overall these are an exception. If you chose a 4 berth van or larger, then you will be wise to stay on the main tourist routes, and because New Zealand is such a relatively-small country, travel times in New Zealand are short.

5. The standard of New Zealand campervan parks is very good.

These are usually situated in small towns where you will enjoy a friendly family atmosphere. In some cases you are also able to ‘freedom camp’ in New Zealand as long as your campervan is self-contained. This is a great way to experience New Zealand’s stunning scenery up close. Imagine waking up to a lovely sea vista or watching the sun coming up over the Southern Alps on a crisp winter’s morning.

The best way to check out the availability of New Zealand campervans is to go to an on-line campervan hire portal, where you can easily make your selection from a large number of different campervan companies. But be sure to allow yourself at least a 6 week lead-time, because in New Zealand campervans are very popular, so you will need to book early to avoid missing out, especially over the New Zealand summer holiday season.

At the moment, campervan bookings are particularly strong, and so I would encourage you to book as soon as you know your travel itinerary.

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